Week 81: Paper revision and Babka

Finally, I submitted my draft to my supervisors, after a three-week struggle.

I cannot remember how many times or how many people I asked about the right place to provide conceptual definitions and the correct structure of the discussions. The content of this section will also be part of my presentation at a conference in Cardiff in September. My supervisors immediately gave me feedback and suggestions, which were very concrete and helpful. I will attempt to expand my discussions into setting an analytical framework, hopefully by the end of August.



Gym workout

Luca and I go to a gym, no matter how busy we are. I found that a 30-minute workout is a great help to mentally focus on my work, as my ideas and thoughts about research become clearer while doing exercise, but we stick to 30-minutes per day, no more than that.


Revising my paper

I am now revising my paper for publication, which is due on Wednesday next week. The revision request includes a major change, which might turn into another struggle for me. Thankfully, the reviewers’ annotations are very effective and productive, which makes me feel that I am very lucky and happy to have this opportunity. I will follow their suggestions and try my best.


Wednesday dinner: Veggie pasta



Today, I baked Chocolate Babka.

Lots of preparation and processes were needed and it took half a day, but it was so much fun!

I sourced a recipe from YouTube, used Nutella for the filling and added walnuts and pistachios. The brioche dough was pretty easy to deal with; it was just the chocolate that made a mess all over the kitchen table. The smell and taste were fantastic!





My achievements in Week 81

  • submitted my draft, which I worked on over the last three weeks
  • made progress in revising my paper
  • baked Chocolate Babka

Goals for Week 82

  • submit my revised paper
  • have an in-depth discussion with my supervisors
  • start transcribing my audio data again
  • bake Anpan (Japanese sweet rolls filled with red bean paste)