Week 48: The last meeting before departure

It is hard to believe that December is already upon us, with the end of the year just ahead. How quickly time passes!

This week, I had the last supervision meeting of 2017 and gained much advice on how I should prepare for my fieldwork, observations and focus groups. (I ended up including focus groups in my methods.) My supervisors also gave me much encouragement and good wishes for my trip to Japan and field research. All of my paperwork is done, and there will be no more training sessions this semester.

Self-discipline is now required more than ever. There is, in fact, no moment when I feel relieved. My anxiety and tension will persist until I have finished my fieldwork. I hope to spend some time with my family and friends and maximise enjoyment with them during my stay.

On 1st December, Luca and I bought a small Christmas tree, some decorations and some Christmas flowers. In the evening, we decorated the tree with colourful baubles and a gold garland. It reminded me of an old mini Christmas tree that I used to have when I was little. All we have to do now is to buy some Panettone and Christmas presents.


My achievements in Week 48

  • sent revised Information Sheet and Consent Form to my participants
  • gained precise advice from my supervisors on methodology

Goals for Week 49

  • edit Chapters 1 and 3
  • reading and keeping summaries