Week 39

I have rehearsed for my probation review, asking Luca to act as an examiner. I listed 20 questions that would probably be asked, and his prompt questions have also been very useful.

A psychiatrist said that the most reliable way of preparing to answer a question immediately in a meeting is to make a list of questions and answers by yourself with at least 30 questions that are likely to be asked. This is because you can easily predict possible questions from the context, and most interviewers are likely to ask similar ones, meaning that you could cover most of the questions.

Luca and I had dinner at our favourite restaurant, Winepress. Although we go to that restaurant one or two times a year, for the first time I realised that the building was 800 years old. This time, I noticed that many detailed decorations still remained from that period on the ceiling and walls. But the dining tables, plates and cutlery are modern and casual. I liked the combination, and it is always wonderful to be able to appreciate the cultural heritage and feel it close to us in a life event.



My achievement in Week 39

  • finished the translation of my field notes

Goals for Week 40

  • do my best for the probation review
  • complete analysis of pilot data
  • start writing Chapter 2