I delivered five outreach sessions on the Japanese culture and language at a secondary school.

A total of 125 students in Year 8 joined the session, which was more of an interaction style between us than the presentation style I did last time. I enjoyed all the sessions with the students.

I was so impressed that they willingly participated in discussions when I gave them a topic and that I got a shower of questions from most of them throughout the classes. It seemed I was successfully able to break the ice!

We explored the Japanese Ninja, Samurai, Anime, food and language while watching five videos and looking at many pictures. I wanted to elicit what they knew about them, what they thought and what they wanted to know more about them. Things they were most curious about were Katana (the long sword the Samurai carried), Anime, Omurice (Japanese Omelette Rice), curry rice (Japanese curry), Karaage (fried chicken), and lastly the Japanese alphabets. For the last 10 minutes in class, we did some language activities, which they really enjoyed.

After all of the five sessions were done, a senior teacher of the school said to me, “You have done a decent job at a secondary school in England”, which made me feel really happy.