Weeks 25 and 26

I am writing this with an enormous sense of relief.

For the last two weeks, since I came back from Tokyo, I had been concentrating on editing my chapter, although it was a struggle. I finally submitted my work last night at 10 pm. Soon after I sent it, I collapsed on the floor as if all of my physical and mental strength had gone.

My effort towards this revision paid off. My supervisors’ reactions were very positive, and our meeting today went very well. Now I can feel more confident about my research protocol and the chapter because the core theory for my thesis is accurately identified.

I have to thank Luca, who is always patient with my irregular lifestyle and my continuous work on weekends. Last week, he was unwell and took a sick day. We ordered two bento boxes from a Japanese restaurant.

What I really want to do now is have a meal together and spend the weekend without doing any work. I only want to spend this weekend relaxing, cleaning the house, and ironing our shirts.