Week 18

The main event of week 18 was Luca’s birthday. I cooked lasagna and baked a chocolate birthday cake. We spent the whole day of Saturday having a luncheon party with his friends, going to watch WWE UK wrestling, and having drinks afterwards.

To enjoy those birthday events, I managed to submit my work by Friday morning. I wasn’t confident in my focus for my draft of the literature review, even though I had spent so much time finding the right direction.

Sometimes we need to make a brave decision to stop being a perfectionist and submit a draft immediately.

My supervisors gave me their feedback shortly afterwards, and I found that I had been wandering off the points. Their feedback helped me to get back on track.

We have formal meetings every two weeks in the first year. I was initially thinking that the frequency of the meetings could be too much, but it turned out to be more important than I had thought, in order to reach first base.

My goals for week 19

  • recover from a cold
  • complete a two-day session on Ethnography
  • spend a little time working on ethics forms