Christmas gifts

I missed having the Christmas dinner followed by lebkuchen at my aunt’s house, which I used to have every Christmas until last year. This year, I ordered two boxes of lebkuchen to be sent from Germany to my house in England. The delivery date was supposed to be the 28th, but the parcel came to my house this morning on Christmas Eve.

At noon, my landlord came to my place to install some blinds on the windows. My room hadn’t had any curtains since I moved here in September. After contacting him about it several times, he agreed to set it up for free.

At 1 pm, a guy from a furniture assembly service came, and he assembled all the pieces of new furniture for me – desks, chairs and a bookcase. So, my room is finally all set up!

After my landlord finished installing the blinds, I served him some tea and lebkuchen. We had a good chat. I talked about my normal Christmas, my family and research. He talked about his friends who learn Japanese language.

All these were great Christmas gifts to me.