My uncle

I visited my 70-year-old uncle who lives on a Japanese island and works as a primary care doctor.

In his clinic, there were nurses who I have known since my childhood and we were very excited to see each other. I entered the consultation room and met my uncle for the first time in three years. He looked well, though he has been unwell and recently had several operations for his knee joints. I sat down on the patient’s seat and we started talking like a doctor and patient. He told me about some of his stories from when he visited England a long time ago. He said that he has experienced difficulties physically since his 40s.

He has a sensitive and gentle personality and usually speaks with a small and serene voice. He said to me that I shouldn’t be harsh to people and should just be kind to others. I thought that this might be the requirement for a good primary care doctor in a community. I enjoyed the conversation with him and promised to come back again.

It is always wonderful to see that my family are all fine and to recognise that there is a home to go back to.

Morning coffee and toast