Like Sunflowers

It has been really busy since January but, at the same time, productive and enjoyable.

The academic year 2021–22 was much more hectic than usual, but what now brightens my heart is a bouquet of roses and sunflowers that I received from my students after our last class! A lovely message card was also enclosed. The day I received the flowers, they were in bud, and the sunflowers were wrapped with a protective mesh around them. They are blooming each day and will be in full bloom next week.

I placed the flowers and card in my office, next to my desk. It felt like all the exhaustion of the past year vanished, and my work was rewarded. They look like the smiling faces of my students and cheer me up. I cannot express how lucky and happy I am to have had a good class and to have seen how my students have grown and how they made me grow as a teacher.



My two babies

The first half of this year was really special. I am so humbled and grateful for having the opportunity to publish a couple of works.

In February, the edited volume, for which I am a co-editor and contributor, was published. It represents two years of writing and editing, and our hard work has come together to fulfil a very special project. Another miracle in February was that I signed a contract to publish my first single-author monograph. This is coming out in August as part of the book series, just as I had wished for while drafting the proposal. The book is based on the PhD thesis I submitted in October 2020, but over the past year, I made a number of revisions and rewrote many sections to update. I have re-read my manuscript countless times while editing and proofing, and it is fascinating to see the process of reshaping the content little by little. Many people have asked how long it took to write this book, and the short answer is “Six years.” The book and I both went through many stages before it was complete.


My research activities have been ongoing. It’s all about work, and nothing in particular has changed in my personal life. For the time being, I hope to do one little thing at a time. My plan for July is to cook healthy meals, make pancakes on weekends, and enjoy summer reading.