Week 87: Transcripts and Pelmeni

Throughout the week, I made transcripts of audio data of five cases and translations in three-line interlinear gloss format. Until last week, I didn’t think it would take one hour to transcribe about three minutes of audio data in this way. It took me seven hours to complete one full consultation. This routine task was stressful at times, but I enjoyed it.

I only completed five cases this week, but the whole process of making transcripts gave me a real sense of the consultation style. This has helped me to clarify the wider contextual aspects. I will add my pilot analysis to the transcripts for the next seven days, and I will also edit my presentation slides.


Green Breakfast Smoothie


Lunch with my supervisor

I had a nice lunch break with my supervisor on Tuesday. Even outside the office, we discussed research. I found that she really loves talking about it even when having lunch. But the conversation was still casual, enjoying panini and coffee in a cafeteria. I also talked about my family, and we discussed some differences in the idea of family in Western and Asian countries. This is something I have been thinking a lot about recently.


Brewing tea in a pot



Through Instagram, I met a lovely girl, Sonia. We talked about Japanese food and culture, and she kindly shared a recipe for traditional pelmeni with me, and I made it!

Pelmeni are dumplings and very similar to tortellini. I made the dough and filling and wrapped them, making 80! After seven hours of pelmeni-making, Luca and I boiled some and enjoyed them with butter, sour cream and dill. Then we put the rest into the freezer. They can be frozen and stored for months. I will definitely enjoy some with a glass of wine when I return home from my next conference.


Homemade pelmeni


My achievements in week 87

  • made transcripts of five cases in three-line interlinear gloss format
  • submitted a piece of coursework for the teaching programme
  • roughly made an outline and slides for my conference presentation

Goals for week 88

  • add my analysis to the transcripts and share them with my supervisors
  • finish making my presentation slides
  • attend a conference in Sheffield
  • start the third revision of my chapter


Sunday Roast