Students’ feedback

I have received students’ feedback on last semester’s course. They are sweet comments. I very much appreciate their acknowledgements, like “The teacher, and the material we focused on, made the course a highly enjoyable experience”. I believe that students make a course an enjoyable place to learn. Even though I use the same materials and perform in the same teaching style, outcomes always vary. This is because classes are highly affected by traits such as motivation and openness towards other classmates and new knowledge.

One feedback comment was especially useful. The students want me to provide a summary of the next session in advance so that they can prepare for the forthcoming lesson. I haven’t been doing this step between each class, and this needs to be taken up for the next semester. Some students did tell me that they would like to do some preparation for the next class, and I just responded by asking them to have a look at the course outline, which contains the class schedule and the contents due to be covered. But I now recognise that the information was not detailed and supportive enough. I will make sure that students have a brief summary of the next class at the end of each session.